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Humans, vegetables and animals, since the origin, take the necessary resources for life in what it offered to them and what our planet has as more precious : nature.

The gigantic progress of mankind since the last two centuries has led to endanger the balance of our mother nature : the Earth.

BOX OZONE INTERNATIONAL’S commitment to medical waste management, sanitation, air and liquid, solid waste, conducted us to create a full process covering all stages : solid, liquid, gaseous.

This offer of solutions and services could only be done in the respect and the commitment of BOX OZONE INTERNATIONAL in the sustainable development, and the preservation of the natural resources.

That’s why we use one of the hidden components of the air, ozone, which has been protecting our planet at the result of the original Big Bang.

Our process draws its raw material from the air after separating oxygen from nitrogen and rare gases in the air to produce the ozone needed for the decontamination of Medical Waste,  potentially highly infectious, effluents and potentially contaminated ambient air.

The oxidizing potential of ozone ensures a result that complies with the most stringent national and international standards in terms of decontamination : efficient on all pathogens in groups 2, 3 and 4 of the international organization W.H.O list.

BOX OZONE INTERNATIONAL present a comprehensive range of processes, based on a BREAKTHROUGH TECHNOLOGY: disinfection by Ozone treatment.

Efficiency at the highest level, no increase in temperature and no addition of chemicals are necessary for our innovative technology.

BOX OZONE INTERNATIONAL has given itself the motto :

“ The solution is in nature, look there,and you’Il find it... ”

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